Hot August Art

Airbrush Instructor

Augie started airbrushing many years ago. From vans, trucks and motorcycles, he found great success Airbrushing T-shirts. As the T-shirt fad faded, he began traditional painting. He enjoyed working in watercolors and oils briefly and then found he really liked acrylics and the speed at which he could work. When his son unexpectedly died in 2009, he stopped painting altogether for a couple of years. Looking for something to ease the pain, he picked up his brushes and started painting again and also teaching airbrush. In 2016 he tried Acrylic Pouring and quickly got hooked. It’s colorful, unpredictable and exhilarating. He constantly challenges himself with new techniques and different materials. The beauty is that anyone can pour and he loves watching his students light up when they see what they’ve created.   


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